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Feature Search Engines See As Analysis
Total Word Count 776 Great
Content Category Education

This section breaks down whether the top keywords in your article have positive, negative or neutral sentiment or attitude attached to them.

It can be useful to spot-check this section to ensure that your descriptions of your concepts are reflective of your intention.

positive neutral negative
Keyword Relevance Sentiment
NEED ESSAY WRITING 0.679022 0   label neutral  
urlhttpgbedusiteruf27097indexphpmotssearchlangskintestseeMess1 0.587845 0   label neutral  
keya5e832cb2c4 0.582616 0   label neutral  
professional writer 0.573331 0.500725   label positive  
urlhttpflowers7xreacomcgi binbbshtmlHow 0.567514 0   label neutral  
Best phd business plan 0.563371 0   label neutral  
urlhttpmebs39ruindexphp103productview 0.547533 0   label neutral  
esl scholarship essay 0.547203 0   label neutral  
Popular analysis essay editor site 0.54108 0   label neutral  
Professional school 0.540962 0   label neutral  
Aboriginal essay people 0.53287 0   label neutral  
Top thesis statement ghostwriter sites 0.532443 0   label neutral  
cover letter 0.531741 0   label neutral  
Psychic administrative assistant resume 0.531382 0   label neutral  
urlhttpgcmountaincokrboardboard3htmlmodeviewno627boardcodebb 0.530491 0   label neutral  
page50extrapage3D1pid 0.528744 0   label neutral  
urlhttpnfdcomtw6262 boarddefaultaspArt history research paper 0.524916 0.787782   label positive  
2HKNG2V8 0.523463 0   label neutral  
proper thesis statement 0.523087 0   label neutral  
httpipet hkcomforumforumphpmodviewthreadtid332312pid 0.522367 0.834785   label positive  
urlhttpmagyar vietnamihuvendegkonyvBest phd 0.522044 0   label neutral  
kurzy vzdelavaniczforumstopicessay 0.521901 0   label neutral  
essay 0.521749 0.480578   label positive  
best essay ideasCustom college 0.520841 0   label neutral  
1seeAdd0codeerreuridJSFPMUSA2009 mla research paper 0.517825 0   label neutral  
donald trump 0.517109 0   label neutral  
httpseligerforumruindexphptopic48512 best assignment 0.516538 0   label neutral  
2008102016415277Popular dissertation chapter ghostwriters services 0.515575 0   label neutral  
1seeAdd0codeerreurNPz6xp2ZJgResume sample 0.515198 0   label neutral  
Rhetorical analysis editor sites 0.513144 0   label neutral  
college 0.510967 0   label neutral  
human understanding book 0.510134 0.834785   label positive  
urlhttpmenucloudcokrrestaurants12Response 0.509178 0   label neutral  
Modern essays 0.508575 0   label neutral  
Current events assignment 0.506634 0.53929   label positive  
Essays 0.50544 0   label neutral  
topic 0.504829 0.520383   label positive  
purpose 0.504732 0   label neutral  
cv 0.504446 0   label neutral  
introduction 0.503983 0   label neutral  
heritage buildingsEssay 0.503419 0   label neutral  
value 0.503202 0   label neutral  
semiotics 0.503104 0   label neutral  
heritage 0.503031 0   label neutral  
science 0.502795 0   label neutral  
poem 0.502795 0   label neutral  
articles 0.502178 0   label neutral  
cheap phd essay 0.501995 0   label neutral  
urlhttpsstudybaywsstudybay account creationurl 0.501703 0   label neutral  
service 0.501682 0   label neutral  

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This section breaks down the positive, negative, and neutral associations your article attaches to its top entities.

Make sure these square with your intended message.

positive neutral negative
Entity Type Relevance Sentiment Count
writer JobTitle 0.886884 score   0 label   neutral 4
editor JobTitle 0.753117 score   0 label   neutral 3
donald trump Person 0.565699 score   0.534725 label   positive 1
urlhttpwwwjaskula malbyczknihaindexphpResume Person 0.467353 score   -0.367495 label   negative 1
httpedubirdie comarwebocom Person 0.451037 score   0 label   neutral 1
depressedWhat Company 0.44319 score   0 label   neutral 1
collegepage 80entry236688 Location 0.442751 score   0 label   neutral 1
hillary Person 0.420488 score   -0.649485 label   negative 1
urlhttpmenshostelthrissurcomcontentcheap Person 0.408658 score   0 label   neutral 1
universityurl Location 0.390181 score   0 label   neutral 1
schoolurl Company 0.386936 score   0 label   neutral 1

Phrase density describes how often the key phrases in your article appear. Your writing should be natural: search engines can detect "keyword stuffing", or artificially including a keyword or phrase too frequently.

You should strongly consider using synonyms for any phrase highlighted in red here.

Good Low Stuffing
Phrase Frequency
writer 0.52
editor 0.39
donald trump 0.13
urlhttpwwwjaskula malbyczknihaindexphpResume 0.13
httpedubirdie comarwebocom 0.13
depressedWhat 0.13
collegepage 80entry236688 0.13
hillary 0.13
urlhttpmenshostelthrissurcomcontentcheap 0.13
universityurl 0.13
schoolurl 0.13

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Including high-quality on-topic images in your content is a great way to stand out, increase inbound links to your content, and improve your article's search engine ranking.

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